Posted by: Kyle | April 23, 2009

Help With Listening Project

I am putting together a listening project for my bands. The idea is to obtain recordings of each band instrument to demonstrate to students what is possible with their instruments and give them a great example.

Any ideas where to start? Any suggestions on recordings?

I will need a lot of help on the brass instruments.  Any suggestions would be great.



  1. I would start referencing, Teaching Music Through Performance in Band, through GIA Publications. This reference gives great recorded examples from two of the top bands in the country. It will also give you additional suggested listening if you pick a piece in the teaching manual. For individual instrument tracks, I would reference any members in those bands that play on the CD that goes along with the reference book. You could then play the ensemble recording and tell the students that they could sound like a member from that band. Then, play a solo piece recorded by one of the band members. I hope this information helps!

  2. Great ideas. I have wanted to get into that series for years. I am still looking for more material I can host online without worrying about copyright and the like so students can check it out anytime. I think I am going to create a lot of my own media.

  3. Fantastic, kinda awesome matter. I’m goin to blog about it likewise!

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