Posted by: Kyle | April 24, 2008


I have to update my inventory this year. I have everything in Excel for the most part. Any suggestions??

What should I include or leave out?

How can I check everything fast?



  1. Kyle,

    Welcome to the blogosphere and the growing number of ME Bloggers! I will be adding your site to the official list very soon. In the mean time you can find more information out about our campaign by visiting:

    If you have any questions about wordpress/blogging, etc. Please use our forums.

    P.S. have you seen the Charms Music Office assistant? It’s amazing. You can find it here:

    It might be a solution for you.

    J. Pisano

  2. Thanks, that is a cool looking program. I will check it out.

  3. Our inventory is on excel as well. We include the following information with our inventory.

    Band (used for which band)
    Code (used to sort instruments in score order)
    Serial No. I
    nstrument Case
    User 07-08
    Sign Out
    Sign In

    We find the “Freeze Panes” command in Excel helpful as well.

  4. Use the help of trustful students.

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