Posted by: Kyle | February 3, 2010

Numbers and Money?

Hey looking for some help.

Would you comment or send me the following:

Number in district or High School and number of music teachers in district

Any fund raising ideas for a trip


Posted by: Kyle | April 23, 2009

Help With Listening Project

I am putting together a listening project for my bands. The idea is to obtain recordings of each band instrument to demonstrate to students what is possible with their instruments and give them a great example.

Any ideas where to start? Any suggestions on recordings?

I will need a lot of help on the brass instruments.  Any suggestions would be great.

Posted by: Kyle | March 17, 2009

Twitter for Educators

I have been listening to the podcast Teacher 2.0 lately. This is a teacher from Canada. He has some great ideas about technology and teaching. Check out his Blog at He has worked a lot on twitter and making it for educators. He made the slide show below. Check it out, especially if you are a newbie to twitter. (thanks to Rodd Lucier for this)
 You can also check out for more information and to help teachers discover how to use twitter. 

Posted by: Kyle | March 13, 2009

Free Posters

Check it out.

Just got this in the mail today and signed up. Looks good, give it a try.

Posted by: Kyle | June 27, 2008

Technology and Thesis Help

I am working on my masters online through Full Sail University.  I decided while doing some research that I want to test out Smart Music this year in one of my classes.


  1. Anyone have experience with Smart Music and have any suggestions/ideas?
  2. Any ideas for a thesis topic for a masters?? 

The thesis could be on anything dealing with technology, music, education, whatever. 

Any idea would be great.

Posted by: Kyle | May 14, 2008

Student Communication!?!

How do you communicate with your students outside of class?

At my school we have a grade book program that allows you to post information and forms.  Not many students check it, some parents do.  We have our own web sites/pages.  Again, not many students check it, some parents do.  I post all our forms and announcements, schedules, handbooks and more on these sites, give out paper copies and email them out to parents that sign up.

This works ok for parents, but what do you do to get ahold of students?

Do you:

Email them?

Call their cells?

Text message them?

Everything on paper handouts?

What do you do?

Add a comment and share what you do.

Posted by: Kyle | April 24, 2008


I have to update my inventory this year. I have everything in Excel for the most part. Any suggestions??

What should I include or leave out?

How can I check everything fast?

Posted by: Kyle | April 23, 2008

First Post, First Question

How do you recruit students between buildings?

I teach MS and HS.  I always have a hard time getting the 5th grade to come to the MS.